Tibco BW 6X


Course Content for Tibco BW 6X

1)Software Installation
Install bw 6.3.0
Install TEA 2.1.0

2)Designing Processes
Developing Buisness Works Solutions
Using a Workspace
Understanding Modules
Processes and Packages
Process Layout Details
Adding Activities and Transitions
Mapping and Transformation
Developing Services
Using an Application
Testing an Application

3)Building Restful Services
REST Fundamentals
Rest architectural elements
Defining a Restful Service
The Rest Wizard
Filling the details
REST Operation Details
Testing a Restful Service

4)Developing Rest Clients
Representational State Transfer
JavaScript Object Notation
REST and JSON Palette Overview
Parse JSON and Render JSON
Conversation Between XML and JSON
Normal Conversion
Badgerfish Conversion

5) Debugging Applications
Buisnessworks Debugger
Setting and using Breakpoints
Viewing Job Data
BW Debug Environment
Setting up debugging details
BW and OSGi
BW Application startup
Acessing the OSGi Console
Key OSGi commands
Viewing bundle and Engine Details
Endpoint Details

6)Application Deployment
BW Runtime Components
Appnode Details
Local Deployment Mode
Defining Domains and AppSpace
Uploading and Deploying Applications
Enterprise Mode
TIBCO Enterprise Administrator
Vertical Scaling
Horizontal Scaling

7) Configuring JDBC Drivers
Packaging an Application
Coonecting to a Database using JDBC
Using an external JDBC Driver
Design time JDBC configuration
Working with Database
Adding a JDBC Query
Using Shared Resource in a Process

8)Working with Properties
Acessing Process Properties
Process Property Details
Process Property Features
From Process Properties to module properties
Module Poperties
Types of Module Properties
Application Properties
Application Configuring Profiles

9)Java Messaging Service
Fundamentals of Messaging
Publish Subscibe Messaging
Point to Point Messaging
10) Embedding Java Code
Java Nature for ApplicationMode
Confirming Java Nature
Adding External Java Code to MOdule
Using Product Bundles

11)TIBCO Enterprise Administrator
BW Runtime Components
Enterprise Mode
TIBCO Enterprise Administrator
TEA aministration:Product Based
TIBCO Enterprise Administrator Features
Setting up TEA for BW
Defining Domains and Appspaces
Deployment: TIBCO Buisness Studio

12)Tibco Enterprise Message Servicing
JMS Message Models
EMS Destination Features
Message delivery modes
Running EMS Server
Using EMS administration tool
Fault Tolerance

13)Tibco Rendezvous
Rendezvous Components
Names and subject based addressing
rv API Architrecture
rv functionality
rv components
rv message delivery

14) Tibco adapter
Tibco adapter key terms
Adapter Components
Tibco administration domain
Tibco administration Server
Tibco run time agent
Adapter types